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Hey Vic Hutchinson …
I’m on week 2 of my subscription.
OMG you ROCK man!!
NEVER have I experienced someone spilling
ALL the goods as you have. You’re a keeper!
Here’s to you my friend!

Tonia H.
Thank you hon!! You are d bomb!
Joy B.

Hi Vic,

I hope this fathers day wasn’t too rough on you. I’m sure your dad was smiling down just as proud as he could be knowing that he raised a son with a good heart.

Anyway Vic, I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous training you provide. You’re definitely one of the good guys. I’m not where you are yet but I’m making progress everyday.

Have a great day,

Lamont Z.
HI Vic,
I hope this finds you well.
First I want to say I really enjoy learning from you, even your rants I enjoy.
Mike O.

Hey Vic, just a quick note to thank you for the time you took to teach my kids last night.
Michelle (17) was really impressed and took copious notes.
Adam (14) was a little on “information overload” as he said…it was late for him.
They both commented on how you remembered and referred to each of them by name.
You rock my Friend!
When it was over, my wife asked Michelle what she thought.
Michelle said: He obviously really knows what he’s talking about!

Once again thanks Bro.
Taking some of your precious time for my Family was really appreciated.
Warm regards,
Francois…and Family 🙂


Hi Partner 4-EVER,

I’m opting in on this. IN, IN, IN, IN, IN, IN (this feels better than puking). Have a great family trip wherever you decide to go (soon I can take trips too). I must say this is a great early Christmas present.

Hey Vic wie gehts

I just wanted to tell you that you are……. the best Teacher in the fucking World you are quiet good at explaining things so that even i cane understand them.

it is really cool that you are so patient with me and that you are answering all my questions…..ok let me say most of them….i honestly appreciate that i don’t know how many other people are on this training …. but i individualy have the feeling that you seriously care fore me. you have to visit Germany one day the German beer is the best in the WORLD and that is a reason enough lol

And ase soon ase i make some money i am going to go to America believe me ore not i will be standing in front of youre door screaming where is the Millionaere Mentor i want to give him a hugh hmmmm…….ok maybe not but i am planning to go to America just to travvel and meet some relatives gain new experiences and meet knew People and maybe we cane spend a day ore two aswell if you like…. but that is not sure yet…
Have a nice Sunday Mentor! …… is the German Nikolaus Tag and even though i am not the Nikolaus (who knows maybe i am lol) i am jsut kidding heres a funny German Nikolaus Song …….you will like it

I hope you are doing good and resting you have deserved it



Hey Vic thanks fore all the information i will do my best to learn this stuff believe it ore not you’re at the moment the best thing that could happen to me financially


Hey Vic I had to come out of town and I don’t have laptop with me but I will be back on Sunday I really do appreciate it. I did get my Tank Method website ready to roll before I had to leave. Thanks for all you do there aren’t too many people like you out there.


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Thank you, Thank you Thank you,….


custom comments: I’m very happy I found your product, aloha!

Hey Vic,

It was awesome to find out that I won the money challenge. This is the first time I ever
won anything and it feels great. The first thing I did was sign-up for a domain from the
Tank101 Training. It took me part of yesterday till almost midnight The Tank Method
but I got it done, that too was a first for me, it felt great and can’t wait to get the ball
rolling. Thanks Vic for offering a system that has far greater value than any I’ve seen.

Randy Bobiles Winner of Rocky Challenge


Neways, looking forward to getting rich with you in 2010. Thanks for finally not selling crap in a box!! This is some great material that I know I can sleep great at night by promoting and reselling it. Finally this is something that I really think is worth spending my time and effort promoting and I know will buy it.

Hello Vic,

I just watched the videos. You out done your self.
I would like to sell The Tank Method.

Please send me files.

Thank You So Much


Forgot to thank you for the videos. They’re very good. I watched both and now I understand what you were doing last night.
Shirley ( N.E.Georgia )
Jason Souders


custom comments: This is great Stuff

Thursday, December 17, 2009 11:06 AM
From: moheen

lol, vic, i just made another sale while watching your vid wooohooo

Vic, I’m so happy, i got a 40% conversion rate and i know exactly how to do it. by helping people and creating value. It feels so good.

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 4:06 PM, Moheen Din <> wrote:

lol, vic, i just made another sale while watching your vid wooohooo


Thursday, December 17, 2009 9:23 AM
This sender is DomainKeys verified
“Kevin Perkins” <>
Add sender to Contacts
“I won? I couldn’t believe it. I don’t win contests like this much, especially not first to respond contests. I was really surprised! I had to check my email and see the winner message just to make sure I wasn’t just imagining my name there as the winner. It felt awesome to win though once it finally sank in.”

Above is a little paragraph about winning. Might as well just use it for access to the next training room. lol.. I was definitely going to get in tomorrow or more likely Saturday anyway. So I’d just be sending it right back to you. lol… Do you want me to send the $1 difference to this email address? Just let me know where to send it. Finally sinking in that I actually won. lol.. Since I’ve already been 5,000 so many times it feels great to be #1 for once.

Anyways, you can just get me access whenever, I realize you’re pretty busy with all this and no telling what else you manage. Thanks for the contest though, I’m a sucker for a good contest. Can I win more than once? lol… I don’t know what is about it, but I just love a good contest. I’ve been hitting that refresh button about 15 times every hour I’m at my computer since you said the word giveaway and contest. lol… Still amazed I won tho cuz I know I’m not the only one doing that. I am a pretty good searcher though as I’m sure you’ve already found out…I’ll stop now though cuz I’m also good at rambling…

Looking forward to joining the next training room.

Kevin P.
name: Katherine R.
custom comments: Thanks, Vic! Great content for a great price! Katherine R.


Hi Vic,
I am enjoying your Tank Method training very much. Thanks for all of the info you are giving us. I was so proud of
myself for getting up my first website since I am not a techie at all! My problem is that I think my husband mistakenly deleted the link to the video
upload training that I paid for through Paypal (my paypal email is Attached is the receipt. Could you
please send me a new link and I will bookmark it and any future links right away in the future. Sorry.
Also, do you have a good sample email that I could make into my own wording for email marketing the Tank Method?
Thanks so much for all that you are doing to help people become financially independent.
Katherine R. (California)

Kevin P. – Comments: Thanks Vic… Can’t wait to get in!!

comments: Let’s Get It On !!!

Michael A. comments: I’m really enjoying your training! Please keep up the good work.


name: Kieran D.

email: —

comments: I’m really looking forward to the Training modules…Vic Merry Christmas to you & yours, from the “Emerald Isle”

Charles V.

from: charlesv———

comments: Keep up the good work
name: Martin Q.

email: mart—–

comments: So Far So Good
Happy New Year Vic,
I feel like you really know me. As I was going
through your Tank Method training, I felt like you were
inside my head and had been looking over my shoulder
at the things that I was doing in the past. I graduated from
Tank Method today 1-1-10. That’s a big accomplishment
for me. I am 56 years old and want to retire from my J.O.B.
this year (the sooner the better). My job takes up over 60
hours a week of my time. You were the first one to inspire
me enough to get going on my business so I could leave my
current situation.
Thanks. Camille S. (New York)

name: Buzz V.

email: buzz—

comments: Thanks For the changing of my life Vic. Oh yeah, I was born @ Camp Lejeune
Sam B. (Colorado)

email: ez—–

comments: I Like It!!

name: Dean LaF. (Florida)

from: dean——–

comments: looking great(God Bless)
name: Steven E. (Canada)

from: steve——

comments: love your laidback teaching Style
name: John D. (New York)

from: ——

comments: Great Video!
name: William F. (New York)

email: wf—

comments: Thanks Vic
Hey Vic – I am really enjoying your video series, and I appreciate your willingness to help people
like myself who want to succeed online. I may not be anywhere near the first person to contact you,
but I wanted to say thank you anyhow…

To Our Success,

Phil W. (Missouri, USA)
name: Katherine R. (Atlanta Ga.)

email: kat—

comments: Great training, Vic!
name: Patrick R. (New Jersey)

email: Haf—

comments: You have my interest piqued, that’s for sure. I have to find out if you are for real.
name: Richard (New Mexico)

email: res—

comments: You Rock Vic! Thank You For Everything
name: Russ (UK)

email: ru——

comments: Nice proof of earnings video Vic – Show me how now!
name: Daniel P. (Ohio)

from: your—

comments: thanks and God bless you..
name: RJ (Wisconsin)

email: rjad—–

comments: Thank You ! I’ll Be Back !
name: Katherine

email: kath—

comments: Can’t wait to access Week 4! Each week I learn so much about Internet Marketing! Thanks, Vic!
name: Jason (Michigan)

email: Jas——

comments: THANK YOU!!!
name: Michael K. (Kuwait)

from: kly—–

comments: Nice to find a straight shooter… Thanks man.
name: Brigitte (Louisiana)

from: brig—

comments: Great stuff
name: Rudy(California)

email: rrc—

comments: hey vic this is great stuff i appreciate it thanks
[1/18/2010 9:06:34 PM] David R H.: Hey Vic (skype msg)
[1/18/2010 9:08:50 PM] David R H.: Got 12 optins and 2 sales so far.
Things are looking up for me. Your a great mentor and trainer.
name: Roger M. (Virginia)

from: roge—–

comments: Bustin’ Out!!!

I can’t thank you enough for helping me……………….


Gene (California)
name: Myrtle W. (Washington)

from: myrtle—

comments: Your training so far is awesome.
I wish I had found you years ago. It would have made
my online journey very sucessful instead of extremely
frustrating amd expensive. May God richly bless you!
name: Jose C. ( Florida )

from: josec—–

comments: looking forward to working with you.
name: Steve C. ( Texas)

from: surv——–

comment: Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
name: Paul W. ( Ohio )

email: wu—

comments: no looking back
name: Emman L. ( Phillipines )

email: imperio.anim—

custom comments: I love your presentation very natural yet effective.

submit: I’m in Vic…
name: Lydia ( Canada )


comments: Thanks! So Far, So Good!
name: Chuck L. ( Kentucky )

email: chuck—–@chuck—–.com

comments: Looking forward to learn from you Vic.
Sounds like someone I can finally trust in helping me
and others to succceed.

Keep up the faith and keep teaching.
Thank you
Chuck L.
name: David J. ( United Kingdom )

email: david@getprofits—

comments: I want to succeed.
I’ve been on your list for a while, but
now is the time to give you a trial. I
believe your successful but I’ve got to
see if I can handle what it takes to
become successful. My sincere wishes
David England | UK
Thank you for your prompt response.

I am working on my web site now. You make it
very easy to understand what to do.

Ralph ( Texas )
name: Robert J. ( Florida )

email: robert——

comments: Excellent Program, Vic
name: James ( South Carolina )

email: jmsx—–

comments: Thank you Vic for your teaching!
name: Jamshid D. ( Virginia )

from: alm—

comment: Thanks much Vic!
name: norman de beer ( South Africa )

email: ipintom—–

comments: Welcome to cape town, south africa.
Hey Vic, I want to thank you with all my heart. I couldn’t believe I was on the floor doing pushups. I’m 63 years young now, thanks to you. Two years ago I fell off a roof, and almost checked out. Since then, I had been feeling sorry for myself, and wouldn’t even have attempted a pushup. You have been an inspiration and for that I sincerly thank you.

Your training video’s are what I look forward to every day, they are awesome.

Your loyal Friend,
name: Jewel K. ( Bahamas )

email: jccl—–

comments: I must say it is very interesting.
name: Allen D. ( Kansas )

email: 1kthis——–

comments: Let’s Rock!!!!

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