Prayers do Work – Watch

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8 comments on “Prayers do Work – Watch
  1. Ken says:

    Some pretty heavy stuff, my Brother Vic! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Rik Rollins says:

    Vic, you have helped me see that it’s not about “me” I now know “help others and you will be well taken care of”. Thank you very much for sharing this. I can tell you it has helped a few of my friends as well.

    You’re are the real deal

    Thanks and God Bless

  3. Pete Anderson says:

    Finally some real honest the goodness church thanks for sharing your heart and not someone else’s……..

  4. Elsabe says:

    Vic this is so true……..ask and believe is all we have to do. I know…..but there’s still that bridge that I have to cross. And I truly want to do something really amazing to help others…..and in them helping others to become what God intended us to be….believers. I want it so much… long have I’ve been searching for something that I’ve known was out there someday…someway. And I knew that God would give me something to work with…I was just to keep looking for it. But “believing” that God can provide was what’s keeping me from reaching my goals. This was inspiring to me…thanks

  5. StevieG says:

    Brother Vic I’m standing with YOU in the Gap with you, an our Faith in the LORD Jesus is the the Bridge that NO one can tear down… Thank You some much for being a True Solider for the LORD by Sharing your heart and speak out though things as if they or all ready done.. “And they or” in JESUS Holy Name – Amen ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> …

    -Continue On Brother Vic…
    Ps. Your Brother in Christ, StevieG

    [One Major Opportunity Brings Opportunity]

  6. Jeff Cutts says:

    Hi Vic, Wow you blew me away.
    Isn’t it crazy how we judge others so easily, you see I had already pre judged you even Before I heard this video. I had already formulated in my head what type of guy you were and you know what …. My thoughts were totally wrong.
    I am so pleased I took the time out to listen, you have, in the simplest terms shown me the path to tread. Am I frightened to go down that path ….yep my gut is twisting already, cos my mind is saying “what will people think of me”… I’m going to feel the pain and head on straight through.
    thanks again

  7. Peter J Shepherd says:

    Vic, thanks for your faith-building content. This is great. I agree, according to Matthew 18:19, that when 2 agree concerning ANYTHING we ask, it SHALL be done by our Father in heaven. I agree with asking questions, because that’s the only to get answers.

    A good teacher (Holy Spirit) LOVES questions. Sometimes a good teacher will answer your question with a question, to help you come up with the answer yourself, and therefore, be more persuaded than if he had given it to you.

    I want to get your training, so that I can be generous on EVERY occasion to EVERY good work, for it is God that gives us the power to create wealth, and teach us to profit.

    Do you believe that you going to be healed, that God’s going to heal you, at some point in the future, or do you believe that God has already healed you, through the stripes on Jesus’ back, in spite of what you see, feel, or hear? Faith is the evidence of what we do not see. Faith is believing, talking and acting like I am healed even though all the circumstances are opposite.

    Faith is believing, talking, and acting like I am already prosperous, even though the my checkbook appears empty. We must believe we have the promise now, not will have it, BEFORE we see it. We have been taught that “seeing is believing.” “I’ll believe it when I see it.” No. “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

  8. Christopher Smith says:

    Vic, that touched my spirit….keep doing what you do. you are awesome man.

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